Poetry Chapbook Semifinalists 2023

14th Jun 2023

Semifinalists in the 2023 Wolfson Press Poetry Chapbook Competition

Carol Alexander, Covid Country
Michał Choiński, Sweat Signatures
Doug Crandell, Ghosts in the Jubilee
Scott Davidson, Something Has Happened Without You Knowing
Jon Davis, After the Death of Poetry
Beth Dufford, Duties: New Minister of Loneliness
Brian Patrick Heston, Sing, Dark Times
Bill Hollands, i want to be clear
Meredith Holmes, Next to Nothing
Tiffany Hsieh, Calculate Life
Jason Irwin, The Darkening Path
Triin Paja, Sleeping in a Field
Em J. Parsley, the anonym gospels
Kenneth Pobo, Raylene and Skip
Esther Sadoff, Some Wild Woman
Olivia Sokolowski, Mirth, Bliss, Icing
Mark Svenvold, A Little Music for the Soft War
Stephen Toskar, The Annihilation Codes
Alex Tretbar, Kansas City Gothic
Ellie White, Vanishing Below the Waist

The plan is to announce the finalists by the first week of July and the winner soon after.