Wolfson Review

Wolfson Review seeks to unveil the creative significance and indelible value of the small press. Concentrating on publications from independent and university presses, we invite submissions of novels, novellas, short story and flash fiction collections, poetry (book-length and chapbook), young adult, and children’s literature. Wolfson Review is accessible to all readers, as we cover a diverse range of genres and themes. Our team strives to provide a community that is inclusive, engaging, and respectful while introducing readers to the exciting work being produced by small presses. We are interested in the literary voices of all generations.

Flatback Sally Country,

Rachel Custer

Feet of the Messenger,

H.C. Palmer

Ghost || Animal,

Erin Elizabeth Smith

Sweet Herbaceous Miracle,

Berwyn Moore

Stumbling Blocks,

Karl Kirchwey

Through a Red Place,

Rebecca Pelky

Jacob and the

Mandolin Adventure,

Anne Dublin

The Case of the

Burgled Bundle,

Michael Hutchinson

The Nature of Remains,

Ginger Eager

Parts Per Million,

Julia Stoops

Enough to Lose,

RS Deeren

My House

Gathers Desires,

Adam McOmber


An Album,

Mar Romasco Moore

I Have the Answer,

Kelly Fordon

All That Held Us,

Henrietta Goodman

Carry You,

Glori Simmons


Steve Hughes

Crude Angel,

Suzanne Cleary

Day of All Saints,

Patricia Grace King

Scoundrels Among Us,

Darrin Doyle

Monster Portraits,

Del Samatar and

Sofia Samatar

Thank Your Lucky Stars,

Sherrie Flick

Night Shadows,

Barbara DaCosta and

Ed Young

The Royal Abduls,

Ramiza Shamoun Koya

Personnel for Wolfson Review

Josie Polizzotto is one of the Co-Editors at Wolfson Review. She is an undergraduate English student at Indiana University South Bend and enjoys crafting poetry and short fiction. With a history in social work, she strives to amplify marginalized voices and advocate for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC individuals who face gatekeeping in publishing. She owns a cuddly tabby cat, a growing collection of indoor plants, and has a knack for interior décor and fashion. 

Joseph Chaney is the Advising Editor at Wolfson Review. He directs Wolfson Press and is a professor of English at Indiana University South Bend. His poetry appears in numerous magazines, including The Nation, Yankee, Prairie Schooner, Crazyhorse, Beloit Poetry Journal, Black Warrior Review, Spillway, Dogwood, South Florida Poetry Journal, Valparaiso Poetry Review, and Apple Valley Review. His work will appear in the 2023 Best New Poets anthology, selected by Anna Journey, and is represented in INverse: Indiana's Poetry Archive, a searchable database of poems by Indiana writers. From 2002 to 2021, he wrote radio commentaries for Michiana Chronicles, an award-winning series broadcast by 88.1 FM WVPE Elkhart/South Bend, an NPR station. 

Josiah "Jo" Hackett is one of the Co-Editors at Wolfson Review. He is a graduate student pursuing a MA in English. He handles the design of the Wolfson Press website. He is the author of seven self-published poetry books, five full length and two chapbooks, titled Daily Prisms, Tangible Colors, Dyed Dwellings, Tinted Fires, Fifth NightKaleidoscopic Creatures, and Everything Tones. He owns two gray cats and likes to cook only when necessary. He plans to own seven more gray cats and eat as many meals as he is able.