Bill Rasmovicz, Gross Ardor

42 Miles Press

ISBN 978-0983074731
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Gross Ardor
2012 Winner of the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award
by Bill Rasmovicz
paperback, 92 pages


Where have all the alchemists gone? We need them, writes Bill Rasmovicz in "The Mastery of Moving On." Yet Bill Rasmovicz is himself an alchemist, turning the leaden stuff of urban life into the gold of consciousness. Ruthlessly quotidian but not taxed by the commonplace, Gross Ardor is a book of poems whose dry heat burns from every page.
—Natasha Sajé

With a nearly archaeological enthusiasm for the layeredness of language, perception, and memory, Bill Rasmovicz's Gross Ardor excavates the groove canals, pulls up the faceplates, lets the depth-charges blossom. These poems have surprise-fight in them. They have guts. They erupt. They go the surgical distance all along the horizon and even out beyond it implying you in everything making way for a soul, then walking you through it.
—Matt Hart

Perhaps Gross Ardor is what happens in a world bent on repeating the same thoughts, same horrors, and the same old consumer driven, if not to madness, then despondent and aghast enough to insure madness is always nearby, well within earshot, and not quietly saying what it would say. Gross Ardor goes out there beautifully insisting no, that was just one of our favorite sons trying to be divisive again. "When studied long enough, all things acquire human form ... HAIL, AMERICA, VICTORIOUS! ... You were the animal they warned you about."
—Peter Richards

About the Author

Bill Rasmovicz is the author of The World in Place of Itself (Alice James Books, 2007). His poems have appeared in Hotel AmerikaNimrodMid-American ReviewThird CoastGulf Coast, and other publications. Bill has served as a workshop co-leader and literary excursion leader throughout Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, England, the Czech Republic, and Wales. A graduate of the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing program and Temple University School of Pharmacy, he currently resides in Brooklyn.