Leah Kabel, Plague of Darkness

Wolfson Press

ISBN 9781950066018
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Plague of Darkness
A Holocaust Era Memoir
by Leah Peska Kabel
paperback, 194 pages

Leah Peska Kabel was born in Aussig, Czechoslovakia, in 1933, the year that Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of the German Reich. Leah’s immediate family went into hiding during World War II at a remote farm owned by a cousin. After the war, surviving family members made their way to the American zone of occupation and, in time, to the United States, originally in New Jersey. Decades later, in her eighties, and still carrying the burdens of that dark past, she turned to her father’s careful notes and her mother’s memories, along with her own, to write her memoir about how they survived those harrowing years. Illustrated.